Guided by the Holy Spirit
to Live Our Faith More Fully

Community, support, classes and workshops
in the main areas of Catholic Theology and Scripture
to help each of us respond to Christ’s call to
“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19)

The Center for Evangelization and Catechesis is just the sort of effort of renewal that is needed at the grass-roots level!
-- Dr. Christopher Blum, Augustine Institute

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Great News! CEC's Catechetical Courses have passed diocesan review!

Students who successfully complete all four Catechetical Courses will receive a Certificate of Catechetical Formation issued by the Diocese of Colorado Springs

Congratulations to our Catechetical instructors for their hard work in bringing together an outstanding Catechetical Formation progam

Spring 2020 Classes

The Sacraments
But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my the end of the earth (Acts 1:8)

This 12-week course covering Part II of the Catechism focuses on the Sacraments, the divine celebrations through which we, in our time, receive the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit. This class is for anyone desiring a deeper understanding of the unique gifts of the Holy Spirit and the ways in which the Holy Spirit dwells within us and guides us to Christ. A key goal is to gain a richer appreciation of the Liturgies of the Word and Eucharist in the Holy Mass.

Key topics include:
  • - The Church's liturgical life
  • - The principle of sacramentality
  • - The personal and ecclesial effects of each of the sacraments
  • - The matter and form of each of the sacraments
  • - The Scriptural basis for each of the sacraments in both the Old and New Testaments
  • - The place of the sacraments in God's saving and sanctifying plan

Catechism courses DO NOT need to be taken in sequence.

Tuesday Evenings starting Jan 21
The Synoptic Gospels
The Gospels of the New Testament are the preeminent source for the saving truth and moral discipline which Christ fulfilled in his life and teaching. The term gospel comes from the phrase good tidings which originally was proclaimed orally by the apostles and first followers of Jesus Christ and demonstrated by their example and the institutions they established. Later, their message of salvation was written down by the apostles and other men associated with the apostles under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (CCC 75-76). The term Synoptic Gospel is applied to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

The course begins with an overview of different methods of Scripture study as well as a look at the Early Church Fathers and what we learn from them regarding the authenticity, audience, and intent of each of the Gospel writers. We will then look at the life of Christ and his teachings from the perspective of seeing the three accounts together as presenting a more complete picture of Christ's life and message.

Come and explore the depth and mystery of our Saviour in this 8-week program

Monday Evenings starting Mar 2
Understanding the Book of Revelation is difficult because it conveys so many different levels of meaning. The book must first be read within the historical setting of first-century Israel, when the Judean revolt against Rome let to civil war and, eventually, to the destruction of Jerusalem and the desecration of the Temple. The book must be understood as describing a great but largely unseen battle that takes place, not in the heavenly realm, but on Earth.

Together, we will progress through:
  • - Introduction and the Inaugural Vision
  • - Letters to the Seven Churches
  • - Visions of the Lord, the Scroll, and the Lamb
  • - The Seven Seals
  • - The Seven Angels and the Seven Trumpets
  • - The Seven Figures
  • - The Seven Angels and the Seven Bowls of Wrath
  • - The Fall of the Harlot City
  • - The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
  • - Visions of Judgment
  • - The new Heaven, new Earth, new Jerusalem
  • -Epilogue and Benediction

Come! join us for this 8-week guided journey through perhaps the most confusing and misunderstood book in all of Scripture

Monday Evenings starting Mar 2
The Roots of the Reformation
Most Catholics are surprised to learn that the abuse and corruption within the Church may have been the occaionof the Reformation, but they were not the cause!
And while many people have at least heard of Protestant doctrines like Sola Fidei or Sola Scriptura, they are suprised to learn that neither is the root dogma of Protestantism!
We will cover:
  • - The historical currents of the 500 years leading up to the Reformation
  • - The personal angst and passion of Martin Luther, a man desperately seeking salvation
  • - Other individuals who shaped the Reformation including John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli
  • - The cultural and political currents that fanned Luther's theology into a conflagration that consumed much of Europe
  • - How cultural and political forces in the years since the Reformation have shaped Protestantism
  • - The core doctrines of traditional Protestantism, how they differ from Catholic teaching, and how they differ across multiple Protestant denominations today
  • - The Catholic Counter-Reformation and the Council of Trent
  • - Important Catholic reformers including Pope Paul III, St Ignatius of Loyola, St Teresa of Avila, St John of the Cross, and others

Come! join us for this 6-week course designed to deepen our understanding of this critical time in Church history and how its impact continues to shape our modern world

Tuesday Mornings starting Mar 17
Foundations of Scripture
It's not too late!

Foundations is offered as a 28-week course that runs from Sept to May. HOWEVER, you can still sign up for the second half of the course that covers the New Testament. This Spring, we will be covering:
  • - The Life of Christ (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)
  • - The Early Church (Resurrection to Pentecost)
  • - Paul's Missionary Journeys
  • - Paul's Letters (Maintaining Unity in the New Church)
  • - The Pastoral Letters
  • - Revelation (The Final Exhortation)

We will wrap up with a discussion on using Scripture as a Guide for the Spiritual Life.

Come join us for final 12-weeks of this powerful program
Thursday Evenings starting Feb 6

Center for Evangelization and Catechesis

Welcome to the CEC, promoting Catholic adult faith formation across the Diocese of Colorado Springs. We hope you will journey with us as we work together to live our faith more fully and serve more effectively in the various ways God calls us to serve.


CEC courses are highly interactive, designed to engage you in your faith. CEC programs are not video-based nor do we leverage distance-education models. Rather, we believe that live instruction and person-to-person interaction holds a privileged place of blessings for evangelization and catechesis.

All courses focus on deepening our understanding of God acting in and influencing every facet of our lives from our participation in Mass and the Sacraments to our prayer life and how we go about our daily activities.

All instruction will be in strict fidelity to magisterial teachings and our Bishop’s diocesan plan.


CEC instructors are fully qualified including several clergy and lay individuals with advanced degrees from the Augustine Institute or other accredited institution.

CEC employs a team-facilitation strategy. At this time, CEC has two teams:

  • DC4EC Journey Team: a group of clergy and qualified lay individuals committed to walking with program participants in the exploration of their faith and how they are being called to grow as active Catholics
  • DC4EC Scripture Team: a group of Augustine Institute graduates called to share what they've been given with others


More than just live classroom interaction, CEC seeks to build a community of people on fire for their faith, working with others to fulfill the call of Vatican II for a New Evangelization. When possible, classes are scheduled to enable people participating in different programs to interact during common break-times. CEC also hosts evening events, dinners, and workshops encouraging all our fellow journeyers to get to know each other beyond the classroom.


The Center for Evangelization and Catechesis is just the sort of effort of renewal that is needed at the grass-roots level throughout the country: practically minded, warm-hearted, and energized by a great deal of charity. Long may its work prosper!
-- Dr. Christopher Blum, Augustine Institute

Keep the Fire Going came at the right tim in my life. I was able to meet new people and share our faith journey through the Scriptures, group discussions, and powerful talks.
-- Debbie Rocco

The Christian Prayer class was wonderful! I learned so much and am so glad that I took the course. My instructor, Margit McCarthy, brought so much energy and excitement to the subject and was so committed to her students' learning. I will definitely be taking more courses.
-- Margaret A Kinney

Our Mission

CEC’s goal is to help adult Catholics in the Diocese of Colorado Springs to

  • - deepen their faith
  • - defend their faith
  • - expand their awareness of God acting in and through every facet of our lives

toward our ultimate mission of building a strong Catholic community willing to face the increasing secularization of our society by answering the Church's call to the New Evangelization.

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