Guided by the Holy Spirit
to Live Our Faith More Fully

Community, support, classes and workshops
in the main areas of Catholic Theology and Scripture
to help each of us respond to Christ’s call to
“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19)

Please Note: Evening classes are CANCELLED for Thursday, Oct 10th, due to snow and icy roads

The Center for Evangelization and Catechesis is just the sort of effort of renewal that is needed at the grass-roots level!
-- Dr. Christopher Blum, Augustine Institute

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The Good Life
"What good must I do to have eternal life?"
Mt 10:16

12-week course covering Part III of the Catechism. This class is for anyone desiring to live a good life, particularly in our world today where we are confronted by secular society and moral relativism. Key topics include:
  • - Free Will, Conscience, and Choice
  • - Ethics, Morals, and Happiness
  • - Good, Common Good, and Private Good
  • - Doing Right and Desiring Right
  • - Cardinal and Theological Virtues
  • - Natural Law, Mosaic Law, Laws of Man, and Divine Law
  • - Sin, Mortal Sin, Venial Sin
  • - Grace and Justification

Catechism courses DO NOT need to be taken in sequence.
Tuesday Evenings starting Sep 17
Dante's Divine Comedy
"Great art speaks with wisdom and authority to what is eternal in the human condition. If we can read these artworks with fresh eyes they can help us to understand our own lives and worlds in a new way"
Rod Dreher, How Dante Can Save Your Life

This study includes lectures from the Catholic Courses DVD series by Anthony Esolen, PhD. We also will use supplemental materials from other sources and class discussion

The course will cover:
  • - Inferno: Sep 3-Nov 5
  • - Purgatorio: Nov 19-Jan 28
  • - Paradiso: Feb 11-Apr 21

Come and discover one of the greatest Catholic Literary Masterpieces of all time!

Tuesday Evenings starting Sep 3
Foundations of Scripture
God reveals Himself to us through Sacred Scripture

This 28-week program answers your fundamental questions:
  • - How did the Canon of Scripture come about?
  • - How do Catholic/Protestant Bibles differ?
  • - What does it mean that the Bible is inerrant?
  • - Am I to take the Bible literally?
  • - How do I understand Scripture?

When reading Scripture, most people focus on what happened, the storyline, as if reading a novel. But that is not the purpose of Scripture, which is more about the "who!" Through Scripture, God tells us who he is, and reminds us who we are.

Come! join us for a journey through all 73 books of the Old and New Testaments as we learn to read Scripture "with the mind of the Church" (Dei Verbum)

Thursday Evenings starting Sep 12
The Gospel of John
The Gospel according to John is quite different in character from the three synoptic gospels. It is highly literary and symbolic. It does not follow the same order or reproduce the same stories as the synoptic gospels. To a much greater degree, it is the product of a developed theological reflection and grows out of a different circle and tradition.

In John's Gospel we see many of the most powerful and familiar images in all of Scripture:
  • - Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world
  • - The wedding feast at Cana?
  • - The Samaritan woman at the well
  • - The rescue of an adulterous woman from stoning
  • - The raising of Lazarus
  • - Jesus' appearance to 'doubting' Thomas

Come join us for an 8-week exploration of this beautiful and spiritual Gospel!
Thursday Evenings starting Sep 12

Courses Coming Spring 2020 - Registration opens Nov 2019

The Sacraments
Part II of the Catechism 12-week program
The Revelation to John
An exploration of last book of the Bible 8-week program

Center for Evangelization and Catechesis

Welcome to the CEC, promoting Catholic adult faith formation across the Diocese of Colorado Springs. We hope you will journey with us as we work together to live our faith more fully and serve more effectively in the various ways God calls us to serve.


CEC courses are highly interactive, designed to engage you in your faith. CEC programs are not video-based nor do we leverage distance-education models. Rather, we believe that live instruction and person-to-person interaction holds a privileged place of blessings for evangelization and catechesis.

All courses focus on deepening our understanding of God acting in and influencing every facet of our lives from our participation in Mass and the Sacraments to our prayer life and how we go about our daily activities.

All instruction will be in strict fidelity to magisterial teachings and our Bishop’s diocesan plan.


CEC instructors are fully qualified including several clergy and lay individuals with advanced degrees from the Augustine Institute or other accredited institution.

CEC employs a team-facilitation strategy. At this time, CEC has two teams:

  • DC4EC Journey Team: a group of clergy and qualified lay individuals committed to walking with program participants in the exploration of their faith and how they are being called to grow as active Catholics
  • DC4EC Scripture Team: a group of Augustine Institute graduates called to share what they've been given with others


More than just live classroom interaction, CEC seeks to build a community of people on fire for their faith, working with others to fulfill the call of Vatican II for a New Evangelization. When possible, classes are scheduled to enable people participating in different programs to interact during common break-times. CEC also hosts evening events, dinners, and workshops encouraging all our fellow journeyers to get to know each other beyond the classroom.


The Center for Evangelization and Catechesis is just the sort of effort of renewal that is needed at the grass-roots level throughout the country: practically minded, warm-hearted, and energized by a great deal of charity. Long may its work prosper!
-- Dr. Christopher Blum, Augustine Institute

Keep the Fire Going came at the right tim in my life. I was able to meet new people and share our faith journey through the Scriptures, group discussions, and powerful talks.
-- Debbie Rocco

The Christian Prayer class was wonderful! I learned so much and am so glad that I took the course. My instructor, Margit McCarthy, brought so much energy and excitement to the subject and was so committed to her students' learning. I will definitely be taking more courses.
-- Margaret A Kinney

Our Mission

CEC’s goal is to help adult Catholics in the Diocese of Colorado Springs to

  • - deepen their faith
  • - defend their faith
  • - expand their awareness of God acting in and through every facet of our lives

toward our ultimate mission of building a strong Catholic community willing to face the increasing secularization of our society by answering the Church's call to the New Evangelization.

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